Professional trainings and workshops

Voiceworks Academy

Voiceworks believes collaboration with our partners is important. We invest in a long-lasting mutual collaboration. Successful cooperation is based on sharing knowledge. By keeping each other informed and sharing know-how, we enhance both our own and our partners’ strengths. That’s why we have set up the Voiceworks Academy especially for our partners, for training and workshops at both technical and commercial levels. With the Voiceworks Academy we want to achieve the following objectives together:


Operationalise in sales

Acquiring knowledge of the Voiceworks proposition and the product portfolio to operationalise quickly in sales, so you can market your products and services successfully and professionally.


Acquiring knowledge about the Operator environment. Operator Online is our intelligent web tool in which you can easily manage all Voiceworks services yourself. Have a look at the professional components of Operator Online

Billing en ordering

Knowledge of the portal to be able to independently implement billing and ordering. Take a look at Operator Online for more information about the order interface and the billings platform 

1st and 2nd line support knowledge

During the Voiceworks Academy training programmes, we will offer you first and second line support knowledge so you can assist your clients independently and professionally.

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