Switching carefree with Voice Select

Voice Select

Do you ever consider switching to another telecom provider? Are you wary of the red tape or are you afraid that you will not be available for a few days whilst switching providers? Voice Select based on Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) and Carrier Pre Select (CPS). The method for using an alternative provider for your fixed telephony ensures that your switch-over is carefree.

Take-over of call and contract costs

The Voice Select service from Voiceworks is based on Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) and Carrier Pre Select (CPS) We are able to take over your call costs and possibly your contract costs. 

All phone lines and switchboards

When you want to switch, it doesn’t matter whether you use an analogue line of an ISDN connection. It is no problem if you have several offices or you use different types of telephone switchboards. 

One clear bill

Every month you will receive one bill, which specifies both your call costs and your contract costs, in detail. Do you want add an additional service, such as Mobile ? These costs will appear on the same invoice.

Smooth transition

Voice Select is activated in the local district exchange. This means that no equipment needs to be installed at your PBX. You don’t even need to reprogramme your PBX.

Operator Online

You can easily manage all services in our online web tool Operator Online. This is an intelligent web tool which provides you with real-time overview of your usage. This feature ensures that you are always one step ahead of unpleasant surprises.

Step up to VoIP telephone services

Do you already know that you want to switch to VoIP telephone services in the future? Then Voice Select is an excellent choice. With Voice Select you are more than prepared to call over the internet in the future.

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