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Voiceworks services are anchored in two core concepts that are crucial for our customers: reliability and flexibility. Our customers must be able to count on the fact that they are always accessible. We also consider it to be an absolute requirement that our customers must have quick access to additional capacity or new features, irrespective of whether this is permanent or temporary. 

Redundancy to perfection

We therefore made a strategic decision to establish our own VoIP platform and to implement the systems redundant. This behind-the-scenes redundancy is made to perfection. The cloud platform that we use is for instance distributed over four different data centres. These data centres are in turn connected to a dedicated 10 Gbit fibre optic ring via an IP based network. It should be no surprise that we also manage this platform internally. We perform all of our maintenance activities without any interruption to your services or equipment failure. 

Maximum flexibility

Our integral chain approach has the advantage that we can directly convert customer requirements into a concrete solution. Because the capacity of our network is scalable, we can quickly provide additional capacity when needed. This also ensures that you do not pay for something you do not use, while also providing your with the assurance that you can instantly expand if needed.

We have a reputation as an innovator and we regularly surprise our customers with new and promising features.

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