Blazing fast fibre optic connection


A fibre optic connection is the ultimate when it comes to data transmission. Fibre optic connections are capable of transport data at the speed of light, and you certainly cannot find anything faster than that. Besides this revolutionary speed, fibre optic cables also hold even more advantages. 

More applications simultaneously

The one thing that makes fibre optic very interesting is that the revolutionary speed is not only limited to data transmission, but also for data collection. Upstream and downstream speeds of up to 10 Gbps can be reached. That is staggering. This feature makes fibre optic cables ideal for bundling several applications. How about combining internet, telephony, electronic payments, online backup, remote application administration and the connection of different branches? Fibre optic cables are ideal for combining heavy-duty applications, ranging from business and terrain security to holding a videoconference between different locations within your organisation.

No queues

Because fibre optic cables provide hither to unknown capacity, you do not need to fear the creation of queues. Even with maximum usage of your network there will be no delay and you will always maintain superior quality. Voiceworks guarantees 99.7% uptime as standard, and that is simply good business. 

Maximum security

The ingenious architecture of the fibre optic network enables all services to be placed in a private network (WAN Connect). This provides you with the assurance that commercially sensitive information within your organisation is not transmitted over the internet, even if your company has multiple locations or employees working from home. 

National network

Since thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cables have been installed throughout the Netherlands during the past few years, the application of fibre optics is rapidly expanding. Do you want to know what the possibilities are for your business? Please call one of our consultants. We can provide you with a direct answer about the options available in your area, based on your postal code. 

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