Electronic Payments

The cost of electronic payments via a traditional telephone network can turn out to be significant and you often have to deal with considerable delays in payment processing. If you use Electronic Payment from Voiceworks, your payment data is transmitted via your broadband connection, which is both faster and cheaper, and also equally safe.

Not much changes on your end, except for the fact that payments are transmitted via Voiceworks broadband. You continue to use the payment terminals that you are presently using. If you wish, you can of course also continue to process all payments as you are doing at present. If you have do not have broadband from Voiceworks, you can still easily make the switch. 

Lower costs

Opting for Electronic Payment from Voiceworks provides immediate financial rewards as you only pay a fixed, low monthly fee. This makes variable costs per transaction, which is the norm for transactions passing through traditional telephone networks, something of the past. When you take into account that in addition to monthly subscription rates you also pay between 8 to 12 cents per transaction it is not that hard to see the advantages our system offers. 

Faster processing

Queues in the handling of your payments are something of the past with Electronic Payment from Voiceworks. Because no data encryption needs to be transmitted payments processed through our broadband connection only take few seconds to complete. 

Safety guaranteed

When you use Electronic Payment from Voiceworks you can rest assured that all your payment details will be safely delivered at to your transaction processing institution. We ensure that the payment terminal that you use is completely isolated from other internet traffic. 

Widely accepted

All reputable payment facilities accept Electronic Payments from Voiceworks as a payment method, which says a lot about the quality and safety of our systems. 

The following payment facilities are accepted in Electronic Payment from Voiceworks:

  • Credit cards, including VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and JCB
  • Payment terminals, including CCV, Banksys, Payzone/Alphyra and ETT Systems
  • Common fuel cards and gift cards

Ready for the future

From March 2012 it is compulsory to process electronic payments via a broadband network. Since we support the new EMV payment system that will replace the PIN card system next year making the transition to our Electronic Payments provides you with assurance that you are ready for the future.

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