Working together on cooperation

As a specialist in the field of telecommunications, we attach great importance to transparency and cooperation with other parties. Voiceworks is affiliated with a wide variety of organisations and we are welcome guests in several consultation platforms.

Autoriteit Consument & Markt (ACM)

As the supervisory party OPTA oversees orderly conduct in the postal and telecommunications markets. Voiceworks is registered at OPTA as a company active in the Dutch electronic communications market.

Telecom Society (TSOC)

TSOC is a platform for companies involved in the telecommunications, media and ICT. As one of members Voiceworks uses its membership to gather knowledge and to make and maintain contacts in the industry.

Ambassadors of Telecom

Ambassadors of Telecom is an initiative of Mantor Marketing & Communications at the instigation of a numberof prominent members of the telecommunications / ICT industry for all links in the chain of the telecommunications / ICT sector tomeet on a regular basis. Voiceworks joins 122 other members in order to meet and exchange knowledge with the most dominant professional and working market.

Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX)

Internet is a global network of individual networks connected to each other via the Internet Protocol (IP). An Internet Exchange is a hub where individual Internet Service Providers (ISP) connect with other independent networks and exchange internet traffic with each other. The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is located in Amsterdam and it is one of the fastest growing Internet Exchanges. Voiceworks is one of 365 members.

COmmunications INfrastructure (COIN)

In order to deal with porting requests from customers quickly and effectively the telecommunications providers developed a common data communication network: COIN (COmmunications INfrastructure). Voiceworks is connected to this network with about 75 other telecommunication service providers. COIN is tasked with managing the network on behalf of these parties. The COIN network enables connected telecommunications service providers to exchange data between each other and save it in a secure and reliable manner.

European Association of Full MVNOs (EAFM)

The European Association of Full MVNOs (hereafter “EAFM”) was created in 2012 to represent the interests of companies which are active on European mobile markets, and are independent (in terms of ownership and control) from established mobile network operators (MNOs). The EAFM consists of companies which have negotiated Full MVNO agreements with host MNOs, in such a manner that they achieved commercial independence from their host MNOs and are involved in the deployment of their own network elements (or are in the process of achieving Full MNVO status).

The goal of the European Association of Full MVNOs is to create a more openly accessible market for Full MVNOs, in order to contribute to the growth of the fast-moving mobile communication sector, to ensure that consumers and business users have a wider range of diversified services to choose from and to develop competition on the retail mobile market to their benefit. Our members believe that Full MVNOs can stimulate innovation in the telecom sector.

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