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Managed Voice

Take charge with Managed Voice

Advancements made in VoIP mean that you no longer need to install and maintain telephony equipment in your own company. Managed Voice from Voiceworks is the perfect alternative. This hosted telephony solution allows you to make use of a state-of-the-art PBX and facilities, hosted by Voiceworks at a secure central location.

State-of-the-art features

By choosing Managed Voice by Voiceworks you can be sure  you are always using the latest ICT services. Managed Voice places high quality services such as Interactive Voice Response, waiting queues and Unified Messaging such as Voicemail-to-e-mail. 

Fee per workstation

You pay a fixed monthly fee per workstation. So you know exactly where you stand when you want to connect additional staff.

From one user

All services of Voiceworks are available from one user. In addition, all the smart features that Voiceworks offers are available for each user. This means you never have to pay extra for complementary profiles. 

Connect all your sites

Does your business have multiple locations? Managed Voice can easily connect all of the sites with each other.

Free internal calls

There are even more advantages if your company includes multiple locations. You can connect all sites through Managed Voice. Since all of your sites are included in a single telephony network you can make internal calls free of charge.

24/7 maximum reliability

Our technical specialists ensure that your telephone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of an unforeseen emergency all telephony services are routed to an alternative, secure location without you or your customers even noticing the shift.

Hotdesking, available everywhere

If you are using flexible workplaces Managed Voice is the ideal solution for you! Even more so if you work with telecommuters: Regardless of the work site, your employees can always be reached at the same number, whether in the office, at home or while travelling.

Operator Online

You can easily manage all services in our online web tool Operator Online. This is an intelligent web tool which provides you with real-time overview of your usage. This feature ensures that you are always one step ahead of unpleasant surprises.

Fixed-mobile integration

Our mobile solution Managed Mobile connects your PBX to Voiceworks’ ultra-modern mobile communications platform. Thanks to this connection, all the facilities that you are used to on your landline will also be available on your mobile phone(s).

Plug & Play

All Yealink, Aastra and Gigaset fixed devices are autoprovisioned by Plug & Play. Easy does it.

Unlimited fixed calls

Do you use your deskphone often? Managed Voice Unlimited is the add-on for Managed Voice which offers unlimited calls to all fixed and mobile numbers in the Netherlands, for a fixed fee per month.

CRM integration

Contact Connect offers CRM and ERP integration for every system which offers more efficiency and better customer support. Enjoy benefits like smart number recognition by pop-up notification, click-to-dial and select-to-dial.

Managed Voice Lite

Do you have devices without a fixed workstation, placed in central areas, or devices that do not need extensive telephone functions? Voiceworks has Managed Voice Lite available at an attractive profitable rate.

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