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Managed Mobile

The pinnacle of fixed mobile integration

There are various ways to integrate fixed and mobile telephone services. Solutions vary from clever diverted calls to integration at the deepest level of the user’s telecom infrastructure. Our Managed Mobile service belongs tot the last category. It definitely exceeds the limits in the area of fixed-mobile integration by uniting hosted voice and mobile telephone services. 

An important advantage of Managed Mobile is that you do not need to invest in a (new) telephone switchboard. This is because you no longer need to install and maintain the central telephone equipment in your own company. If you choose Managed Mobile, this also has a wide range of other benefits. 

Superfast 4G network

Are you feeling the need for speed? You can use the superfast Voiceworks 4G network  whenever and wherever you want without depending on WiFi.

4G will be available at all our existing Data Packs. You only need a device suitable for 4G. Our 4G+ offer has also started. With your 4G+ enabled device you can reach a peak download speed of up to 256Mbps.

Several numbers per SIM card

It is possible to link two numbers to one SIM card. Thanks to this feature, you only need one device. What’s more, you even save money.

Fixed number on your mobile phone

You can answer incoming phone calls to a specific fixed number on your mobile phone. Vice versa, you can make mobile phone calls which will display your fixed number as the caller ID. 


With Reach you control your availability in detail. You determine when, where and for whom you are available. Thanks to Reach you are optimally accessible. 


With the Voiceworks-app you can easily access your mobile bundle and monitor your usage 24/7, you can also set your sender number as well as listen to and manage your voicemail messages with Visual Voicemail.

One size fits all

All services of Voiceworks are available from one user. In addition, all the smart features that Voiceworks offers are available for each user. This means you never have to pay extra for complementary profiles.

Voicemail and SMS messages to e-mail

Thanks to this feature you can forward voicemail messages to and receive SMS messages at your e-mail address.  Even when you don’t have your mobile phone with you, you are still able to listen to your voicemail and read your texts. 

Call blocking

You can block ingoing and outgoing calls to various categories. Besides, you can determine when and for whom you are availible with the use of a smart routing feature. You can simply route the incoming calls to your voice mailbox or a colleague.

Operator Online

You can easily manage all services in our online web tool Operator Online. This is an intelligent web tool which provides you with real-time overview of your usage. This feature ensures that you are always one step ahead of unpleasant surprises.

Direct dial numbers

The extensions that you are used to with your landline will now be available for your mobile. This way, your employees can now call each other on their mobiles using direct dial numbers. 

Connect all your sites

Managed Voice provides even more advantages if your company includes multiple locations. You can easily connect all sites, irrespective of the brand of your local exchange. Since all of your sites are included in a single telephony network you can make internal calls free of charge.

All Managed Voice features

As a user of Managed Mobile, you can manage all the options offered by our Managed Voice. It does not matter what kind of mobile phone you use. Our services and features are scalable and flexible to use. 

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