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E-fax solutions

The famous fax machine has lost some of its popularity due to the arrival of e-mail, but the fax still remains an important method of communication for companies. With its fax services, Voiceworks offers you the reliability and safety of faxing and the convenience of e-mail in one product. Faxing has actually never been so simple, fast, sustainable and easy. 

E-Fax IN

The E-Fax IN service from Voiceworks is also known as fax-2-email. This service allows you to receive the incoming faxes by e-mail and these will be displayed in Operator Online. You can link one fax number and one e-mail address to one E-Fax In channel. 


With the E-Fax Out service from Voiceworks, you can deliver faxes electronically via e-mail or via Operator, without a traditional fax machine. These are then converted by Voiceworks into a traditional fax message and sent to the recipient. You can add a number of e-mail addresses and one sender number to one E-Fax OUT channel. 

Easily arranged

As well as the fact that the application process of the fax services is fully automated, you can manage your faxes directly from your e-mail programme or Operator. When sending your fax, you will receive a delivery confirmation with the complete fax message attached. In addition, you will be kept up to date of your sent fax through the use of status codes. You do not need to change any settings to receive your faxes. If anything is faxed to your fax number, this will arrive in your e-mail Inbox. We really can’t make it any simpler than that.

More reliable

When you use the fax services of Voiceworks, you can trust that all your faxes will arrive safely. All your fax traffic will go through a secured connection. An additional advantage is that none of your confidential faxes will now be left by the fax machine, because all your faxing are now done via e-mail. 

Optimal availability

A significant advantage is that the fax services of Voiceworks are always available, no matter what the location, because all your faxes are stored online and can be viewed in Operator. As long as you have an internet connection, you can send and receive faxes all around the world. We can’t make it any more flexible than that. 

Saving time

Thanks to the more efficient handling of fax traffic, the productivity of your organisation will increase. That is why fax machines that don’t work, faxes that disappear in a big stack and the archiving of faxes are definitely a thing of the past. You can view your faxes directly on your e-mail and online in Operator, no matter where you are. This saves a considerable amount of time. 

Unique online control panel

In addition to the option of sending and receiving your faxes via e-mail, you manage your faxes through the unique control panel in Operator. This offers you the great advantage that the fax services of Voiceworks are always available, no matter where you are. You can also send faxes through Operator, check your sent and received faxes, and change your settings in a few clicks. For example, you can also reply to, forward and resend your faxes through Operator, anywhere in the world. What’s more, all faxes are easy to filter by sender number, destination and period. With the fax services of Voiceworks, not a single fax will go missing and you can view the result of your sent fax straight away using status codes. 

Interesting savings

If you choose the Voiceworks fax services, this will provide you with an immediate financial advantage. First of all, you will save on the purchase and maintenance of your fax machines. The fax machine can simply be discarded. In addition, you will also save on the costs of paper, toner and electricity. What’s more, you can cancel your telephone line(s) and port the existing numbers to us if you wish. This only makes your saving more attractive. 


More and more organisations invest in sustainable enterprise. The Voiceworks fax services offer you a very effective and simple way to increase the sustainability of your organisation. The fax services are powered by green servers which save a lot of energy, and because toner and paper are totally unnecessary, you are also contributing to a better environment. 

Prefer not to say goodbye to your fax machine just yet 

Have you just invested in a new fax machine? No problem. T38 is the solution. T38, also referred to as Fax-over-IP, is a codec which can be installed on many hardware systems that support VoIP. Through this codec, your fax is converted to a digital image which is delivered to the Voiceworks platform, and your fax is then converted back to an analogue fax signal. This makes Voiceworks much more reliable, in both sending and receiving faxes. Apart from your faxes being sent through Voiceworks, not much will change for you, except that your bill will be reduced because you no longer need a traditional phone line. You can just keep using your own fax machine. 

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