Availability app Reach

Every Voiceworks Mobile user has access to their personal ‘Reach’ availability app. This unique and user-friendly availability app easily lets you configure your availability in detail. Reach can be adjusted anywhere and anytime with our online Operator Online webtool. 

Several numbers per SIM card

It is possible to link two numbers to one SIM card. Thanks to this feature, you only need one device. What’s more, you even save money.

Fixed number on your mobile phone

You can answer incoming phone calls to a specific fixed number on your mobile phone. Vice versa, you can make mobile phone calls which will display your fixed number as the caller ID. 

Voicemail and SMS messages to e-mail

Thanks to this feature you can forward voicemail messages to and receive SMS messages at your e-mail address.  Even when you don’t have your mobile phone with you, you are still able to listen to your voicemail and read your texts. 

Routing anonymous calls

If you wish you can specify alternative routing for anonymous incoming calls. You can also switch these calls directly to your voicemail box, and set a separate welcome message for this group.

Call blocking

You can block ingoing and outgoing calls to various categories. Besides, you can determine when and for whom you are available with the use of a smart routing feature. You can simply route the incoming calls to your voice mailbox or a colleague.

Multiple voicemail

You can define multiple voicemail boxes and link them to different numbers. This lets you personalise your Voicemail message per contact group, and your business and/or personal numbers.

‘In control’ with Reach in three steps

Thanks to our Reach app you can easily manage your availability in three simple steps. Reach is availably in Operator Online anytime, anyplace and anywhere. You decide, on the basis of number, time, date or seconds after the dialtone what happens with all your calls and texts.

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