Cooperation is the key to success for Voicedata

During the first Voiceworks Partner Awards on January 16, 2014, Voicedata was the center of attention. The company located in Hengelo, won the Wholesale Partner Award. “We also won the Innovation Award,”, explains managing director Dennis Bonnes with proud. We have been partners with Voiceworks since the beginning, although the managing director works at Voicedata since 2009.

Strong growth

In 2005 when Voiceworks started the company, we were the first who focused on VoIP-telephony services. In that period, Voicedata has determined what goals to achieve and how to achieve it. After a thorough selection process, we chose Voiceworks. The roles were very clear: Voiceworks was the developer of the platform and we were the suppliers of the telecom services to the end-users. In basics, these roles are still the same at this moment. Voicedata and Voiceworks have grown strongly since 2009. “You might say we have helped each other to grow in this way.” According to Bonnes, the success of his company is due to the fact that he was able to find the right people for Voicedata. “We work with highly qualified employees, who acknowledge the needs of our clients on a high-based level. All of our employees have a significant quantity of technical background. 

An ambitious company

The cooperation with Voiceworks is interesting for Bonnes in several ways. Voiceworks is an ambitious company, I appreciate that a lot. In a technical view, they have organised their business very well. The possibilities Voiceworks is offering within the VoIP-domain are extensive in the Netherlands. Besides that, Voiceworks has a highly developed fixed-mobile integration. To us it’s also an important advantage Voiceworks offers data solutions. The portfolio of Voiceworks connects in an excellent way with the services of Voicedata, who handles their clients with the one-stop-shop-principle. “ Our goal is to take over all communication problems of our client. It’s a challenge for us to build good and well-thought solutions for our clients.        


Although each project of Voicedata is custom-made, Bonnes tries to use standard modules as much as possible. It’s not very useful to reinvent the ideas in every project every time again. Therefore we use the modular portfolio from Voiceworks, in order to make a custom-made solution, which fits the needs of the clients. Voicedata frequently offers their clients Managed Voice, the hosted telephony solution by Voiceworks. “We have improved the accessibility for two hospitals with the use of Managed Voice,” tells Bonnes. We have also implemented Managed Voice at Bolletje, known for their rusks, to the satisfaction of the customer. 

Pleasant cooperation

The cooperation with Voiceworks is very good. We are quite self-reliant. We take care of the primary help requests ourselves. For the secondary requests, we can count on Voiceworks. Voiceworks has good qualified technicians which are also good sparring partners. If there are technical problems, they will be resolved in an adequate way. To Bonnes, perfect communication is the key to success for this excellent cooperation. “Make sure you are not bothering each other with unnecessary questions, so there will be more time to discuss about more important subjects. Voiceworks is able to facilitate this communication very well. As a partner we have two main contact persons, both a commercial and a technical partner manager. 

Sparring about product development

Also besides the day-to-day business,  communication happens quite frequently between Voicedata and Voiceworks. They are a true listener, for example when we have suggestions and ideas ourselves about product development. Bonnes  appoints the click-to-dial-principle and the matching with the own intranet to the system of Voiceworks. But Voiceworks also asks Voicedata for feedback when it comes to new propositions and features, because of our expertise and knowledge of the market. Bonnes: “Voiceworks involves us a sparring partner quite early in the process of the product development. They ask us to test new propositions, before it will be used by all partners. Voiceworks values our ideas and input very much.”      

Perfect Marketing support

Bonnes explains this with an example. With the development of the proposition Managed UC we asked to connect this service to fixed telephones as well, instead of only to the web environment. Therefore Voiceworks added this option in the Managed UC proposition. Also the other support by Voiceworks, for instance Marketing, is well appreciated. We can use the whitelabel texts for all of our services, which are provided by the Marketing Department of Voiceworks. 


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